Travis Eliot in the Ultimate Yogi

Travis Eliot Yoga Instructor

Travis Eliot, a yoga instructor inspired by his global travels and his profound passion for music, is one of the brightest rising stars in the yoga community. His classes are intensely dynamic, meditative, and transforming; they will keep you physically resilient, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and spiritually charged. Travis Eliot has taken his innovative teachings to Thailand, Bali, Canada, and India. Travis Eliot is currently on the faculty of North America’s renowned yoga institution, Kripalu.

Travis Eliot DVD’s

In 2008 Travis release his first DVD “Yoga Basics” and in 2010 he released “Yoga Evolution” which was distributed on a large scale nationwide. Always on the cutting edge of technology with the goal of expanding yoga to a wider audience, Travis developed “Yoga – Live Online” with live HD yoga classes available through his website.

Inspired by both ancient eastern and contemporary western yoga teachings, Travis developed “The Ultimate Yogi” 12 disc DVD series. Envisioning a comprehensive yoga program providing a multi-layered approach to creating everlasting strength, flexibility, weight loss, confidence, and balance.

Santa Monica Power Yoga Teacher Travis Eliot

Travis teaches his signature “Holistic Yoga Flow” classes at Santa Monica Power Yoga, The Yoga Collective and Equinox Fitness in Los Angeles and also teaches workshops nationally and internationally. He is the creator of “The Ultimate Yogi,” a groundbreaking 12 disc DVD series and numerous other best selling Yoga DVD’s. He is the CEO of Inner Domain Media, Director of “Holistic Yoga Flow” teacher trainings, and faculty of the acclaimed Kripalu Institute.

Travis Eliot runs teacher training workshops every year.

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