We are lifestyle company. We aim to provide the most visually engaging yoga DVD programs on the market by  combining the best yoga teachers with the highest production value possible. Our mission statement is simple – a healthier happier world through the creation and distribution of purpose drive media.

The Ultimate Yogi

Yoga instructor Travis Eliot conceptualized the Ultimate Yogi 108 day program as a culmination of teaching thousands of people from all walks of life in various settings around the world. Inspired by a void in the health and wellness community, Travis and created a fresh, cinematic, and accessible yoga program available to a wide range and diverse audience. The market, previously missing a comprehensive yoga program, now has a strong physical yoga series complete with yogic breathing, meditation, diet, and lifestyle recommendations. Travis and Udaya have created something both universal and powerful that is accessible to everyone!

The program was seen into existence when Travis Eliot and movie producer Yariv Lerner came together to manifest the concept of The Ultimate Yogi. Yariv, having extensive access to the best of Hollywood, brought production quality to the video unlike the yoga world has ever seen. Yariv, one of Travis’ students, initially partnered with Travis to create the Udaya Retreat Sanctuary in Malibu, California and within the span of a few months the retreat center was a tremendous success. That success led to the creation of Udaya Productions and The Ultimate Yogi 12 disc DVD series.

Filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria at Nuboyana Film Studios in association with Millennium Films, The Ultimate Yogi was shot on three Red Cameras with a highly experienced film crew. Utilizing the directorial vision of Jason Reim and the incredible skills of director of photography Anton Ognianov, The Ultimate Yogi will inspire students not just through Travis Eliot’s unique sequencing but with its cinematic quality and stunningly beautiful settings.