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Physical Health and Fitness

When filling out a questionnaire you usually find a box that marks the category of health and fitness. Health and Fitness- not just a fitness program. It seems we have forgotten the health part. Being healthy is of primary concern here. Being fit is part of being healthy but it is not the whole shebang. You can have health without fitness but you cannot have fitness without health.

Health not Fitness

Who has recently bought a fitness program only to give up half way through injured or despondent. These quick fix methods do not work. No matter how hard you try you just don’t have the brazilian but, those perfect pecs, or that super tanned ripped looked your on-screen workout partner has. The truth is you are buying an image and not a result. The more you try to look like another person the more depressed you end up being and the greater your chance of injury. You are forcing the collective square peg into the selected round hole. Why not just be the  best version of you possible instead of a poor substitute of an image you want to look like.

Health is about balance – both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Health is about being able to move through your daily life with ease instead of dis-ease. Health entails all the systems of your body working in unification- in yoga.  A fitness program is about looking a certain way but health is about feeling a certain way.

Yoga and Your Fitness Program

Many come to yoga from a perspective of vanity. We see the skinny models in their lululemon pants looking perfect. We want to be that- we want to have her hair, his biceps, her legs, his arms, etc etc etc.. We are constantly trying to cram our bodies into the shapes we see outwardly and putting ourselves through torture to do so.

Yoga and Health

Yoga was designed originally to help us meditate. It was never meant to improve our looks. Those are just by products. The sages believed that in order to sit and meditate for extended periods of time the physical body has to be able to support the practice. Yoga was invented by them to help us do so. Yoga addresses all the aspects of health and fitness that you will need in order to achieve the goal of meditation.


The Ultimate Yogi Program
Tadasana Fitness Program outdoors


The program was designed by renowned Yoga Instructor Travis Eliot to take you on a journey back to health. Travis believed that in a society craving for quick fixes and easy outs there was an important element missing. He designed a program that lasts 108 days, a number sacred in many religions based on the premise that it takes time to promote lasting change.  Many practitioners embark on the journey with trepidation thinking that 108 days is a long time but leave the journey with a life long practice. They have said that by the second cycle yoga is “just a think I do”

The Fitness Program is designed to address the following elements:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Detoxification
  • Vitality and
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Program

But it’s all done the yogic way. With piercing focus and concentration. Only through doing it this way can you transcend the physical levels of fitness and enter into the realms of health.

Travis sits in Meditation

Longer, Stronger, Faster

Most physical fitness programs still come from the premise of “no pain, no gain” Trainers are constantly urging their clients to push harder, go longer, break through the pain barriers, and through over training their clients they are actually injuring them. Yoga takes an entirely different approach to the concept of training. The greatest teacher that ever lived lies within. So in order to attain your goals you have to look to find that teacher. The yoga instructor is merely a guide and if you do injure yourself chances are you stopped listening to the inner teacher and let your vanity take over.  Through yoga you will get the physical gains but you will get them through understanding and you will get them at a pace that is suited for you.

Positive Thinking

These days the fitness program world is coming round to the importance of mental fitness. Science is telling us that over 80% of our modern day ailments originate from within the mind. Many self help books and training programs urge you to maintain a positive attitude. The pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront of this trend and every “negative” or “disturbing” emotion we have is medicated. We are only putting a bandaid on the issues and sometimes a bandaid is not enough. Sometimes we need surgery.

Travis Inspired

The Yogi Way

Yoga takes a different perspective. Knowing that many of our problems come from within- it addresses those problems at their root. By going within – you are able to see the cause of the issues and address them before they manifest into bigger problems. You literally become the master of your own fate. Positive thinking takes effort, just like physical training does, but it can be developed just like a muscle can.

The Ultimate Yogi Fitness Program

Over the 108 day program:

  • You will gain strength – but you will also gain the strength of character to know when to back off.
  • You will gain balance – but you will also gain emotional balance or equanimity so that you are less likely to be knocked off kilter by life’s storms.
  • You will gain flexibility – but you will also be mindful of when you are pushing yourself too much and when it becomes important to let go.
  • You will Detoxify – this will happen through the sweat but it will also happen when you remove the junk that we are fed on a daily basis.
  • You will increase Vitality – your energy levels will rise, and you zest for life will improve.

Most importantly:

  • You will gain understanding – understanding of what it means to be healthy, what a fitness program means, and what is means to be truly happy.


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