Lauren Eckstrom


Lauren Eckstrom is a yoga teacher based in Santa Monica, California. Inspired by her mentor and friend, Travis Eliot, she began teaching yoga 4 years ago. With Travis’ support and encouragement, Lauren left her job as a senior executive in the fashion industry to teach full time. During her time as an executive, Lauren felt the constant drain of helping clients superficially solve their problems through fashion. Through her yoga practice she realized she could have a lasting impact on clients by guiding them to reconnect with themselves through the mind-body practice of yoga. Inspired to help create a more loving and grounded world, Lauren took Travis’ advice and created the possibility of teaching full time, transforming her career to a life of health and wellness.

With a degree in film and television from UCLA and a 20year career as an actor, Lauren immediately understood the potential of The Ultimate Yogi when first approached by Yariv Lerner and Travis Eliot to join the project. Understanding the impact of high quality production values and the uniqueness of the 108day program, Lauren instantly recognized the potential of The Ultimate Yogi to help transform the lives of thousands. With no hesitation, Lauren took the opportunity on full force and couldn’t be more grateful for the transformation The Ultimate Yogi has had on her personally. She looks forward to sharing this journey with you.

Lauren currently teaches yoga full time. Please visit for a full class schedule or to book a private session. Lauren will be teaching Ultimate Yogi themed classes through April 25th if you would like to practice along to The Ultimate Yogi program in-person!