Find a quiet, clean, comfortable place in your home devoted to your meditation practice. It can be just a corner of a room, but this will be your spot associated with getting still. You want to select a time where you will be uninterrupted. Traditionally early in the morning is recommended but find the time that works for you. Sit on the floor using a meditation pillow or, if necessary use a straight back chair. The important thing is to sit with your spine erect. Preview

The Ultimate Yogi program offers 4 meditations.


1 – Gratitude Meditation

In this meditation practice you will focus on all the things you are grateful for. Gratitude is developed through practice, and just like a muscle it responds well to being used.

2 – Dedication Meditation

In this meditation spend time sending good vibes to a person or a place that is in need. Some people prefer a prayer, others like to use visualization, either way this is where you practice giving without expecting anything in return.

3 – Affirmation Meditation

Affirmations are planting seeds into the soil of the consciousness. By using an affirmation you feed the reality that you choose to live.

4 – Repetition Meditation

The more you repeat something the more potent it becomes. Repeat a quality of your choosing that you wish to bring into your life. As you do so explore the silence between the repetition, which is where the ‘yoga gold’ lies.

For your meditation practice you can pick one or a combo of all the above.

We also offer some alternate practices as well. You can find them in our blog section.

Meditation Schedule

Day 1-36 you will meditate 10 minutes a day.
Day 37-72 you will meditate 20 minutes a day.
Day 73-108 you will meditate 30 minutes a day.

Follow this formula of a daily meditation practice along with the classes and diet and you will be guaranteed to be Ultimate on ALL levels.