Michael Stebbins

Michael has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and completed a 200 hour teacher training with Rudy Mettia and Travis Eliot in December of 2010. With yoga, Michael discovered a much welcomed method of stress relief from his work as executive director of a Los Angeles architecture firm. What started out as a once-weekly supplement to a gym routine slowly became his sole form of exercise as he realized the physical and mental benefits – as well as the challenges – of a regular practice. For Michael, yoga is not just an incredible physical workout, but also a path to healing: physically, mentally, and ultimately, spiritually.

“Yoga is a means to releasing old habits, negative programming, and in time, deep-seated tension stored in the body. It opens new ways of thinking about yourself and your world, and allows you to be at your best for those you care most about. What could be more important? ” Michael designs his classes to suit the needs of his students. Most classes will incorporate a vigorous flow, deep stretches, breath control exercises (pranayama) and meditation.

He is currently teaching classes based on The Eight Limbs of Yoga at RakSa Wellness Center in Culver City Fridays 6:30 – 8:00pm and Saturdays 5:15 – 6:35pm.
Michael has been inspired by many teachers during the course of his practice. He is especially grateful to Bryan Kest, Mathew Crowder, Govindas, Alyson Khan, Vytas, Rudy Mettia, and Travis Eliot for illuminating the path.