Noah Christensen

There is power in intention. When an intention is set, we align ourselves with the truth we wish to create. The more we come back to that seat of intention, the more our life begins to re-assemble around that intention.

Noah set an intention for himself in August 2009, which at the insistent urging of a good friend, he found himself in one of Travis’ classes at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica. The intention was simple: “I want to heal. I want to be the best version of myself that I can be so that I can give my best self to the world.”

Before he met Travis in the Summer of 2009, Noah was almost 100 lbs heavier. He was depressed and self-medicated with anything he could find to avoid making changes to his comfortably self-destructive habits or taking an honest ownership of his life: alcohol, drugs, relationships, and work.

While Noah had practiced yoga prior to that class, there was a fundamental shift that occurred, ever so gently, as Travis sang “Sri ma jay ma” during Savasana. The dynamic combination of a restorative, full body workout and the deep stillness of a quiet mind that emerged after signing Kirtan and meditating started Noah down a completely new trajectory.

Noah began practicing yoga regularly with Travis. First once a week. Then twice a week. Then three times a week. As his practice became more regular, the power of that intention began to gain momentum, and something very strange started to happen: his heart began to open. He started to made friends that went to yoga. He started eating better. He drank less. He smoked less. He started going to Kirtans. He started to feel at home in his body. He started to feel good in his body. He started to meditate. He went on a Yoga retreat.,,, then another one…. and another one. He kept showing up, unrolling that mat, and getting lost in the breath.

Last year, he decided to take a teacher training with Travis and Rudy Mettia. He had a small inkling to teach, but really was more interested in exploring the philosophical roots of the practice and covering off some alignment fundamentals he felt he had missed out on. After a life changing three months, he’s been teaching every weekend since.

When Travis approached him about joining the initial test group of the Ultimate Yogi, there was almost no hesitation (until he learned of just exactly what the program entailed!) Day by day, as the program went on, he came into a new ownership of his practice, his diet, and his understanding of yoga. He felt blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people who, just like him, were diving deep into themselves.

He has been inspired to share space and breath on this journey with you, and can be found online to offer support and friendship as you complete your 108 days. He is currently subbing at local studios in the Los Angeles area, and teaches an all level community class on the beach every weekend in Santa Monica.