Patty Van de Bogart
Patty Van de Bogart and her power yoga practice

Patty Van de Bogart has been interested in physical fitness, nutrition, philosophy, cognitive therapies and social issues since she can remember. While living in London, she added a fitness program to her daily life.  Consisting mainly of cardio and weight training, it wasn’t until she moved to San Francisco that she became interested in yoga. She experimented with classes at various studios, as an addition to her training, but nothing stuck until she took her first class at Santa Monica Power Yoga in 2008. She remembers floating out of that first class, physically challenged, mentally focused, and feeling more awake than ever. “Now THIS is MY yoga!”

Shortly afterwards she began working with Bryan Kest as his workshop coordinator and studio & teacher relations contact at the Santa Monica PowerYoga Studios, where she still calls home. The experience of coordinating Bryan’s workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats has been very rewarding. She truly saw how this work affects so many people in such positive ways.

Her yoga practice quickly became a daily event while her gym routine faded to the background. Surprised that this yoga practice was able to maintain all of her physical strength without lifting a weight (except, of course, her own body) she maintains a consistent practice. Now a few years in, the main benefits of yoga have solidified within her: balance, patience, acceptance, understanding, focus & clarity. You might say that practicing PowerYoga provides the all benefits of therapy…but with the added bonus of a sculpted body.

Patty Van de Bogart thanks her instructors, Bryan Kest, Rudy Mettia and Travis Eliot for the inspiration and growth she’s experienced through the teachings they have shared.