Stories of Transformation – David


This is a blog post dedicated to the Ultimate Yogis. A lot of the people who appear on the Ultimate Yogi DVD series actually went through the 108 day program. The program was truly transformational and these blogs will attest to that.

When David Ezekial started the 108 day program he was working a corporate job in the finance industry. Although he was being paid very well, he felt that there was  a little more to life than what he was experiencing. His love of yoga was apparent and he also had a calling towards protecting the environment. Starting the program gave him the perfect opportunity to start a new life, so he left the comfort and security of a steady paycheck, and took a risk to pursue a career teaching yoga. 

David also started the Yoga Conservation Alliance which is a non-profit joining yoga’s awareness, preservation and heart to wildlife conservation efforts. He regularly teaches classes and events that donate all the proceeds to the Alliance. He is also hosting a retreat in Catalina Island which aims to combine his love of yoga with the conservations vision. What makes this Alliance special is how different the outlook is from everything else David has done in previously. He was in the finance industry, and the main goal of that is to amass and collect money . The Yoga Conservation Alliance is all about sharing and conserving and helping other people enjoy the bounties of the earth.