Another 108 Days

108 Days Later
Every time someone completes the 108 day journey I am inspired.  Reading the response we get on Facebook, it always humbles me to think that another person has embarked on the 108 day journey and it always awes me that they manage to complete it. It takes commitment, it takes strength, it takes perseverance, and it takes […]

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Before and After with Melissa

5 Reasons People are calling The Ultimate Yogi the Best Yoga DVD

Here are 5 reason’s people across the world are calling The Ultimate Yogi  program the Best Yoga DVD on the market:

1. At Home Convenience and Ongoing Support 

The 108 day Ultimate Yogi is a yoga DVD program that you get to do in the comfort of your own home, but have access to a huge, encouraging, supportive community!  Literally the best […]

108 Days Later

True Stories from our 108 Day Journey Round 2

Thank you all for submitting your account of the 108 day journey. We here at Ultimate Yogi team are humbled by your story and really really proud of you.  Big ups to all of you. We wanted to share the amazing feedback that we got on our Facebook group Ultimate Yogi […]

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Stephanie Lenz-“UY is truly what my body has been waiting for!”

Stephanie Lenz Shares about her Ultimate Yogi Journey:
UY is truly what my body has been waiting for!
“Wow, I can hardly believe the second phase is over already! I have thoroughly enjoyed this phase. This is actually the second time I have been through the program, but I am noticing a lot of progress now.

I am gaining flexibility, which I […]

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Tracy Hale’s Ultimate Journey~ Day 10 Strength and HardCore

Day 10 – Strength & HardCore

I am experiencing this morning after The Ultimate Yogi practices what it feels like to have pushed myself over my limit.  Not to the point of injury, but to the point of trembling fatigue.
I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do much by the time I got to the Hard Core practice, but […]

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Tracy’s Ultimate Journey~ Day 4 Yin

Day 4 Yin

This practice today felt like a diagnostic of all I have been holding for the last few years.  I remember telling my daughter a few months ago that I felt like my body was solidifying.  That is how if felt. Solidifying around a job that was not in line with my heart, solidifying around the disconnection to my […]

Tracy’s Ultimate Journey~ Day 3 Strength

Day 3 Strength

I went to began today’s practice with nervousness and trepidation.  In observing these thought patterns, these emotional twinges I realized that in many ways I have not felt strong for a long time.  An illusion born of negative thought patterns and of having made choices that were not in line with my heart.  It was really awesome to see […]

Tracy’s Ultimate Journey~ Introduction

Tracy’s Ultimate Journey~ Introduction
Tracy exemplifies what the Ultimate Yogi Program is all about: Giving real people the opportunity to experience real results.  Results that can change a life.  Tracy started a blog to document her journey and shares her experiences, as well as her beautiful photography. We will be following Tracy’s journey from day 1 and watching her incredible […]

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Stories of Transformation – David

Stories of Transformation – David

This is a blog post dedicated to the Ultimate Yogis. A lot of the people who appear on the Ultimate Yogi DVD series actually went through the 108 day program. The program was truly transformational and these blogs will attest to that.

When David Ezekial started the 108 day program he was working a corporate job […]

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