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The Ultimate Yogi program was shot on three red cameras in Sophia Bulgaria. It is the most cinematic Yoga Video on the market as no expense was spared in the production quality. While we are very proud of the visual representation of the Ultimate Yogi – we are even more proud of the quality of instruction. We know you will be impressed with the production value of the video but what we want more than that is you to be impressed with the results you experience after practicing alongside Travis and the rest of the Ultimate Yogi team. Be focused, be committed, and we will see you on the mat.


Behind the Scenes of The Ultimate Yogi

Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of the Ultimate Yogi in Sofia Bulgaria. Get an exclusive look at how the most cinematic Yoga DVD was created.


Why Travis?

In this video participants of the Ultimate Yogi program describe why they chose Travis Eliot as a yoga teacher and what they like about him as  a yoga teacher.



A visually engaging montage of the people you are going to encounter day in and day out as you practice alongside the Ultimate Yogi program.


Welcome to The Ultimate Yogi

A brief introductory video on the benefits of the Ultimate Yogi program and the reasoning behind why it is the best yoga dvd on the market to date.


Yoga Sequences

A little teaser that we took from our short film. Perhaps a little dramatic but definitely visually engaging.


Downward Dog

Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom break down the basics of Downward Facing Dog because it is the heartbeat of the practice. We weave in and out of this pose in most of the transitions as it is a power yoga class based on the Ashtanga school.



For 108 days you just chisel away everything thats not in alignment with the word ultimate.


Physical Changes

Most of everyone you see in the program have gone through the entire 108 day program. Hear what the physical changes they experienced while on the program.


Dan and Maeble

A few months after completing the 108 day program Ultimate Yogi coach Dan Mckernan began his new school of Doga to inspire people with pets to practice alongside them.


ESP Test Group

Our very first test group participants describe their thoughts on the Yoga Cardio video. Here what they have to say as they practice alongside Travis in Santa Monica, CA.



Callie talks about the mental impact of yoga on her life.



Meredith describes how she adjusted her diet on the Ultimate Yogi program.



Michael talks about how yoga has renewed his youth and helped him loose weight.


About The Ultimate Yogi Video library.

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Making of The Ultimate Yogi - Yoga Video

We have recently completed our second program Yoga Warrior 365 with Rudy Mettia. It is due out in August and we are all very excited about its release. We want to personally thank you all who are on the program and have supported us in making this a reality.