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    Yoga Short and Sweet Amaray CaseTravis Eliot brings you another collection of home yoga video with Yoga Short and Sweet.

    Yoga short and sweet is the perfect class for those days where you are just short of time. This four practice series takes you through the entire landscape of your body in a short and sweet amount of time. Join Travis as he takes you through a routine that covers all the basics you will need to keep that body supple, mobile, and working at its optimal state of being.  


    Three - thirty minute practices with Yoga Instructor Travis Eliot

    One - thirty minute bonus practice with Yoga Instructor Lauren Eckstrom

    Introduction Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Sequence 3

    • Hosted by renowned yoga instructor Travis Eliot whose international teachings have reached over 100,000 yoga enthusiasts worldwide.
    • Includes 3 Classes perfect for thebeginner interested in trying YOGA: Short and Sweet¬†Class 1 (30 min), Short and SweetClass 2 (30 min), Short and Sweet Class 4 (30 min)
    • Bonus class with Lauren Ekstom
    • Original music by Ryan Richko
      Yoga Short and Sweet


    These practice are designed to help you flow through all the facets of your practice. They are balanced and comprehensive designed to give you a daily dose of yoga in a short and sweet amount of time. You also get a bonus practice led by Lauren Eckstrom. Lauren covers the basics in a smooth and gentle way. ">Gallery

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