How to burn off fat and shed pounds with Yoga

W Woman Doing A Yoga For Weight Loss StretchWhat comes to mind when you think of yoga? Do you imagine an old sage sitting on a mountain meditating? Or a bunch of 20-somethings at the gym showing off how they can twist their bodies into pretzels?

Or do you see yoga as something that is accessible to you, no matter what your age or fitness level?

Did you know you can use Yoga for Weight Loss?

Yoga has exploded in popularity in recent years. Perhaps you’ve even tried it. But its popularity surge has also spawned an inaccurate reputation. Some people think yoga isn’t a comprehensive fitness solution. They say that while it is relaxing, its pace is too slow; it doesn’t increase your heart rate enough; it doesn’t build enough muscle or burn enough calories for significant weight loss.

If you’re among those who think yoga for weight loss isn’t possible, you’re dead wrong.

The reason yoga has this false reputation of being a low-intensity form of fitness is because of the prevalence of poor instructors and instructional DVDs. They have corrupted an art that has been an effective form of complete fitness for thousands of years.

You can exclusively use yoga for weight loss with the right type of instruction and a disciplined regimen. Learn to recognize the difference between complete yoga instruction and bad yoga instruction, so you can lose weight and completely revitalize your health.

Yoga for Weight Loss Won’t Work with the WRONG Instruction

What does bad yoga instruction look like? Here are some bad signs:

➤ Unqualified instructors: since yoga is becoming so popular, yoga instructors are in high demand. Many new instructors are put to work without really knowing the art or science of how yoga benefits the body.

In ancient India, where yoga was developed, gurus mastered it as a sacred discipline before passing it on to their students. Now, hardly any standards exist for yoga instructors. Not only will an inexperienced, unknowledgeable instructor be unable to help you use yoga for weight loss or other health benefits, but he may also cause some serious injuries.

➤ Wrong level of difficulty: you won’t benefit from yoga for weight loss if a yoga session isn’t at your level of expertise. If you’re a beginner, you will be discouraged or even injured if you try to start with poses beyond your level. If you’re more experienced, you’re not going to see results if you’re doing the same basic poses over and over again without feeling challenged.

➤ Poor technique: yoga is supposed to help you be fully in touch with your mind and body. Everything is connected – your breathing, your movement, each muscle, your state of mind.

In fact, proper technique is essential in yoga for weight loss because when you’re more in tune with your body, you’re better able to feel and control your eating habits. If your instructor doesn’t teach you how to really master the whole flow of yoga, you’re not going to enjoy all of its potential benefits.

➤ Narrow approach: far too many yoga classes work with students for just an hour a week and then send them back to their normal, unhealthy lifestyles. In its true form, yoga itself is a lifestyle.

Good yoga instruction will encourage you to take a holistic approach to your health, including changes to your diet, sleeping habits, and stress levels. Yoga for weight loss won’t work if you simply treat it as an item on a checklist.

➤ Not enough meditation: the key to yoga is not just discipline of the body but also discipline of the mind. Too many yoga instructors skip meditation altogether or just do it for a minute or two.

Traditionally, meditation is the foundation of the whole practice! You simply cannot have effective yoga for weight loss without it.

Woman Using Yoga for Weight Loss To Stay HEalthyWhat Every Yoga Regimen Needs

If you’re serious about trying yoga for weight loss or for the many other countless health benefits it offers, you need a comprehensive yoga program. Here are some of the qualities of such a program:

  • Daily discipline: remember, for yoga to be effective, you have to alter your lifestyle. You must maintain your focus and practice some element of yoga every day.
  • Meditation: every good yoga program is centered on the practice of meditation.
  • Expertise: you should only accept instruction from a master of this ancient art.
  • Diet plan: you will counteract the benefits of yoga if you aren’t properly nourishing your body, particularly if using yoga for weight loss.
  • Balanced fitness approach: high-intensity cardio and strength training can be incorporated into a yoga class with a knowledgeable instructor. With this approach to yoga, you will increase your strength, stamina, flexibility and overall health.
  • Your level: a good instructor will guide you through poses that are exactly at your level. He will help you modify your workout based on your personal abilities and needs.

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